Friday, July 23, 2010

Fleece Soaker

DH inherited his grandmother's sewing machine a number of years ago and since he doesn't sew, it has been sitting in a closet. I used to sew. I have made a few things but it has been a long time. I decided to get in touch with my inner domestic goddess and get out the machine.

The sewing machine is a White and it is probably older than I am. But she was well cared for and is still in great shape. The manuals were even there so I familiarized myself with the parts and got started.

I wanted to make something practical. Something my DS could use. I decided on a soaker. I have 2 wool sweaters from the thrift store and a huge pile of fleece given to me by my brother. I started with the fleece. Seeing as I had several solid colors, I thought an applique on his bum would make it extra cute. So I traced the three arrows from the recycling box and made a paper pattern. Cut, sew and done. Not too bad! A little irregular looking but recognizable at least.

I searched online for a soaker pattern and found that everyone uses Katrina's Soaker
 Pattern. Seemed easy enough so I printed it out, measured DS to decide what size (XL) and got started. A few pricked fingers and a few arguments with the machine and I had a soaker! I was so happy!

Off I went with DS to put him in it. It's kinda tight. I need a 2XL, I guess. She has that pattern too. I will do that for the upcycled sweater soakers that I'll try soon. What do you think?


  1. That is excellent! I wish I could sew! hehe.

  2. wow! amazing! I see an etsy shop in your future~